The Top 4 Outsourced Email Marketing Services for eCommerce

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Outsourcing email marketing services can make a huge positive impact on your eCommerce business . . . if you pick the right partner.

As a leading email marketing service, we think we're the best (as you might imagine), but we also know there are some other agencies that do really good work. We're not the best fit for every company, and we understand that.

So, we'll show you three other services you might want to check out in addition to ourselves and what their strengths are.

4 Outsourced Email Marketing Services for eCommerce Optimized Campaigns

There's a growth path companies generally follow in regards to how they handle email marketing.

At first, companies run things in-house with team members who wear multiple hats, one of which is email.

Then, when they get bigger, they hand things off to an outsourced email marketing service so that they can get the maximum return from email while they focus on growing their business in other ways and mastering operations.

Finally, they get big enough to hire an email marketing expert on-staff who can be devoted to this segment of marketing full-time.

When your contact list gets up to around 20,000, you're probably in a good position to outsource email marketing.

So, without further ado, here are the top four outsourced email marketing services for eCommerce.

1. SmartMail

SmartMail provides an email marketing service that's completely Done For You (DFY). We have a track record of producing ROIs of 29x and higher.

What our clients claim sets us apart is how we approach the entire customer lifecycle. Many companies will build a welcome series, a cart abandonment email, and a few promotional templates, then call it good. This strategy misses many opportunities to turn shoppers into customers.

Instead, we create emails that guide customers through the process of shopping. This includes welcome series, cart abandonment, customer retention, product replenishment, and win-back campaigns.




We'll help with customer acquisition to help grow your list, and then through customer behavior tracking, we can engage them with the right emails at the right time.

Pricing starts at $500 with a month-to-month pay scheduling. You can learn more by contacting us here.New call-to-action

2. Inbox Army

Inbox Army provides full-service campaign management, from strategy to development to execution. The company can create email templates, so even if you're in the DIY stage, you can produce your own neatly formatted messages.

As a separate service, Inbox Army can also conduct an audit of your current strategy and campaigns to help you identify areas that need to be tightened if you want to drive higher ROI.

One piece to keep in mind is that although Inbox Army is well-respected in the industry, only around 15% of its clients are in eCommerce. While the company is still capable of providing impressive campaigns, you may want to find a service that specializes in eCommerce.

Campaign production and deployment starts at $600, but you'll need to contact the company for actual pricing. If you're looking only for template design and coding, pricing starts at $450, and audits begin at $500.

3. Fuel Made

Fuel Made focuses on "transforming your business with next level email marketing."

The company works primarily with Shopify Plus, so if you're using the platform, their eCommerce specialty could come handy. Fuel Made will assist with growing your list, establishing trigger-based emails, and increasing repeat sales. The agency can also conduct audits and help with your strategy.

If you're working on a different platform, like Magento, Fuel Made will help with migrating your eCommerce store to Shopify. This works two-fold, helping you get your store up faster than if you did it yourself, and enabling Fuel Made to better support you as an email marketing solution.

One potential drawback is that Fuel Made works exclusively as a Klaviyo professional partner. This means you're not able to use the platform of your choosing or one that could potentially cost less. If you choose to work with Fuel Made, you'll be restricted to the pricing and features of Klaviyo. At the same time, however, Fuel Made knows all the ins and outs of the platform, so if you're happy with Klaviyo, this won't be a drawback.

Unfortunately, you'll have to contact the agency for pricing, as its website doesn't present the information.

4. eFocus Marketing

eFocus Marketing is an outsourced service that promises to solve your challenges in email marketing.

The agency develops your email strategy, leading to full-service campaign management. Its comprehensive approach focuses on optimizing, automating, and growing your email marketing program.

Additionally, eFocus Marketing provides email marketing training courses to improve your own efforts prior to hiring it or another agency. And because its specialty is eCommerce, you're learning from experts in the craft, meaning these classes could be a great way to hone your email marketing strategy.

Like others on the list, eFocus Marketing can conduct audits or serve in a consultancy role. This lets you match the services you need to the price you're able to afford. Its consulting could also be enough to take your campaigns to the next level, with assistance in segmenting your audience, establishing triggered emails, and developing dynamic content.

Prices vary and require you to contact the company to find the package that fits your needs.

Email Marketing Services To Reach Your eCommerce Goals

Finding an outsourced email marketing service for your eCommerce store doesn't have to be as challenging as it first looks. If you can identify what matters most to your company, you can find an outsourcing partner to give your business the lift it needs.

If you're interested in taking your email marketing to the next level, let us draft a proposal, including a six-month roadmap and specific campaign needs for your company. We've worked with over 80 eCommerce companies to drive over $87 million in revenue, and we're prepared to handle everything you need for substantial increases too.


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