The Best Browse Abandonment Emails of 2019 [8 eCommerce Examples]

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What happens after a user abandons your site?

Do you cross your fingers and hope they'll return? Or are you actively engaging them, providing them with the right email at the right time so they'll visit again?

Browse abandonment emails can generate some impressive revenue if used correctly, and these examples will provide valuable insights into what modern consumers respond to. 

8 Browse Abandonment Emails to Inspire Your Campaign

Cart abandonment emails allow you to retarget potential customers with the exact products they were interested in purchasing. They've done half the work for you in this sense by putting them in a cart.

But browse abandonment emails, well, they're a different beast.

Browse abandonment emails work on the assumption that the visitor was interested in your products, but had to leave your site before they had a chance to fill their cart. They just need a reminder and opportunity to continue shopping with you.

Browse abandonment emails can be neglected in marketing strategies but can be incredibly powerful if used correctly. And, if you can follow these general rules, you'll be on your way to an influx of potential customers.

Simple Designs

Designs that are too cluttered and over-the-top will cause your audience to delete or move to the next email without a second thought. You have a limited amount of time to make an impression, and in modern times, when attention spans are shrinking, first impressions are more important than ever.

To really grab someone's attention, you want the product they were interested in to be clearly outlined, somewhere near the top of the page. It serves as a point of recognition for them, and since they were attracted to it once, they'll likely return.

1. Karen Millen




In the example above from Karen Millen, you can see how the number of items is limited and clearly pushed towards the top of the page. When a customer opens the email, they'll be greeted by the image and headline, but then quickly see the products they were interested in, driving them to engage with the email.

2. I Love Ugly



The email above from I Love Ugly is straightforward, telling the consumer the brand noticed them on the site and wanted to remind them of the products they'd looked at. The use of models also works here to attract our attention, as humans have a natural inclination to look at faces. This tactic can be used to slow down viewers enough to reengage with the products they'd previously viewed.

These emails can be incredibly easy to template and should be part of every eCommerce store's repertoire.

Recommended Products

Recommended products emails require a bit more planning on the backside. These emails are built from the idea that a customer browsed your site and didn't want the specific item he was looking at. Instead, you can offer products that are similar or related to the browsed item in case the customer preferred a different style or feature.

The additional effort comes from ensuring your products are all properly tagged and categorized, so your automated emails can pull from the correct batch of items when addressing customers. These emails are only effective if they actually offer products that are closely related to what the consumer was shopping for.

New call-to-action

3. IronmongeryDirect




This example from IronmongeryDirect starts by clearly identifying the item they'd browsed, just in case the customer would still like to purchase it, but then offers related products. This email packs multiple opportunities to reengage the recipient and is simple yet appealing at the same time.

4. autoplicity



This email from autoplicity uses some well-done copy to attract the shopper's attention. Then, the company delivers imagery of the products they may like. What really hooks returning visitors, however, is the discount offer for 20% off. Adding this to the browse abandonment email is an excellent way to hook the viewer who was only turned away by the price.

5. French Connection




The email for the French Connection was created by our team at SmartMail. Each of the number bubbles represents a different personalization factor we added to the email – from their name to the item they were interested in, and like products. Everything is designed to automatically pull the information for your customers' session history to provide accurate messaging that drives engagement.

Related Imagery

While you want these emails to be simple, so attention stays on the product, using images related to your industry or niche is a great way to hook a viewer.

This gives you a chance to show off images from your site that visitors may not have seen. Imagery also gives you a chance to increase the branding of email while addressing your audience in a way you can both connect to.

New call-to-action

6. Jessops




For example, this email from Jessops shows all the recipient's recently viewed products, but not before snagging their attention with the banner image. Because the image was likely taken with a Nikon, the same product customers were shopping for, the chance of them engaging with the email increases dramatically.

7. AlexandAlexa




Alexandalexa puts all of these pieces together in this browse abandonment email. First, the email opens with products the customer was looking at, banking on these being the most recognizable images in the email. Then, they include imagery of a child wearing some of the company's products and a brief message. Finally, they follow up with recommended products to further encourage the recipient to click through the email.

8. Spendless Shoes



Our final example is another browse abandonment email SmartMail produced, this time for Spendless Shoes. Like our previous example, all the bubbles provide personalized content that can be automated for the message. What takes this one up a notch is how the image's colors and the recommended products are from the same color palette. Tactics like this form consistency throughout the email and are great for branding and catching a viewer's attention.

Quick Tips for Better Browse Abandonment Emails

Browse abandonment emails can be one of the greatest additions to your strategy, but only if you use them correctly. Here are some quick tips that will help get you on the right track:

  • Always remind your customer what they looked at. Ignoring this just makes it a promotional email. Keep the focus on the products they're interested in, nothing else.
  • Use metrics to determine whether the viewer actually wants it. Sometimes a visitor accidentally clicks a link and then goes back to a different product. If you start sending them emails about a product they viewed for two seconds, they'll treat your emails like spam.
  • Look at their previous purchases. Previous purchases offer insights into what customers like. It may help you refine your recommendations for similar products; whether it's color, style, or brand.
  • Build a sense of urgency. Give them a reason to purchase now, whether it's a notice about a limited supply or a discount that'll expire soon. Browse abandonment emails work by reminding your customers about what they wanted. The goal is to get them to buy it before they forget about it.
  • Don't over-send or over-sell. If browse abandonment emails are sent too often or look over-"sales-y," you're going to lose your audience's trust, and they'll start ignoring your emails.

Browse abandonment emails are some of the most complex automations you can incorporate into your strategy. But, if you run them correctly, they can turn window shoppers into repeat customers.

Browse abandonment emails are just one piece of a comprehensive lifecycle email marketing strategy you should consider. We've compiled a free resource with templates you can use for behavior-based campaigns to drive bigger revenue. Download our 35 Responsive eCommerce Email Templates now to get free, instant access to this valuable resource.

And, if you have an established revenue stream and are ready to outsource email marketing so that you can focus on other areas of your business, we'd love to talk.


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