What's the Best Email Marketing Service for eCommerce?


Finding the right email marketing service for eCommerce can be critical to your company's success.

If you choose the wrong one, the cost could be as small as a decrease in monthly revenue, or as large as a tarnished reputation. But while there's a lot at stake, there are more quality services today than ever before.

We'll explore some of those options to help you find the right email marketing service for your brand. Then you can see the benefits of making the right choice and not worry about the opposite.

The Best Email Marketing Service for eCommerce: 4 Contenders

The following services are some of the market's best options, but it's important to note, they're only a beneficial solution to those who want DIY campaigns. These services won't build your strategies or execute high caliber series for you.

If you're a mature eCommerce company, a better option may be outsourcing your email marketing to a team that specializes in delivering results. We'll share more on this option, but first, here are the top email marketing services for eCommerce.


Mailchimp is one of the most talked-about marketing services out there. The company claims to be an "all-in-one" marketing platform, providing a customer relationship management tool, social posts, landing pages, advertising, and more. The platform, however, specializes in email marketing.

While Mailchimp includes a free option for up to 2,0000 contacts, customers who select this tier are required to include the Mailchimp branding on all emails, and there are restrictions to customer support and advanced segmentation.


Costs are then broken into three tiers that increase depending on the size of your list. 10,000 contacts on the Essentials plan will run you $74.99 a month. But by paying, you'll also get custom branding tools, the ability to A/B your emails, and a slew of templates.

Mailchimp is set up to provide single-step automations and multi-step workflows, but they can require extra attention to ensure they're set up correctly.

Reports include basic open and click-through data, as well as smart recommendations from their native AI. Emails can also be delivered with the platform's automated send-time optimization.New call-to-action


Klaviyo is another powerhouse in the email marketing world. Different than Mailchimp, however, is that Klaviyo was designed specifically for eCommerce.


The platform is free for up to 250 contacts, allowing 500 sends per month. For any more, you'll need to purchase a subscription. These plans start at $25 a month for 300 contacts, but you'll receive unlimited sends.

Features include automated segmentation, dozens of integrations with other tools you may use, and advanced pop-ups for acquiring more subscribers. Users have access to an array of templates and an intuitive drag and drop editor.

The cost of Klaviyo can add up fast as your list grows. 10,000 contacts cost $150 a month, and 20,000 contacts will run you $400 a month. If the system works for you, your ROI may make these prices insignificant, but if funds are tight, another platform may be a better start. Keep in mind, though, you're also creating your own campaigns unless you spend additional funds for templates or an agency.

Klaviyo is a good platform for eCommerce companies who want to go all-in with their DIY email marketing.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a useful tool for any eCommerce store that wants a professional-grade email platform for sending their own emails blasts and autoresponders.


Campaign Monitor has no free option but does offer demos of each package. The Basic package includes 2,500 email sends, whether direct or automated. For a list of 10,000 contacts, this plan would run you $89 a month.

Like the other platforms, Campaign Monitor offers a drag and drop editor where you can build emails from hundreds of professionally designed templates. Emails can be personalized to the individual and where they are in the customer journey, meaning you have full control over automated workflows.


With Campaign Monitor, you're also able to create pop-ups and signup forms to drive more subscriptions to your list. The platform also integrates to most eCommerce stores and CRMs so your customer data can be consolidated.


Omnisend is an "all from one platform" focused on omnichannel marketing. Still, the focus of this tool is email marketing, with the other features serving as a bonus.


The free option for Omnisend is a 14-day trial that offers 15,000 email sends a month, with no more than 2,000 a day. The Standard package starts at $16 a month with the same restrictions, but for 10,000 contacts, it'll run you $102 per month, with 124,800 sends.

This package also includes automated workflows, advanced segmentation, and SMS. Additionally, your email elements and signup forms can be made interactive to draw more engagement.

You can opt for additional tools, like web push notifications, Facebook Messenger delivery, and customer feedback. These all range from $149 and up per month.

Omnisend is an option for those who want to use email marketing without committing tons of time to the practice. While it may be pricier, you're paying for the convenience of creating your DIY campaigns faster.

A Hybrid Option

While all of these platforms are excellent for the right customer, they lack one key piece: done for you setup and implementation.

These platforms all require you to create your own campaigns or to find an agency that's willing to work with you. This means you'll pay for the platform as well as an agency, just to get emails into your customer's inboxes.


Our team at SmartMail specializes in setting up and implementing high-converting lifecycle email marketing campaigns with a complete "done for you" approach. We take care of all the heavy lifting.

All of our email campaigns are customized and branded specifically for your company. While we offer templated solutions, our professional experience is what sets us apart.

Over the past seven years, we've honed our craft of email marketing, working with over 100 companies. This allows us to help brands fast track the learning curve and deliver results quickly.


This is the best option for companies who don't want to spend time learning to email market for themselves, or for those who have a large enough list and revenue that hiring a team is necessary for further growth.

Finding the Right Email Marketing Service For Your Business

While all of these services have distinct benefits, they won't all suit your company's specific needs. If you're set on taking the DIY approach, we recommended reading customer reviews and trying out the free options of each platform.

The only way to actually know which platform is best for you is to get your hands on them and take them for a spin. But, if you're more interested in getting your campaigns started than learning a new platform, request a proposal, and we can discuss your options.


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