How To Crush Your Competition & Increase Sales With Live Chat

Live Chat is definitely one of those solutions that most eCommerce business's tend to leave on the fence in terms of implementing... and not because of it's benefits or effectiveness.

Today, there are so many simple and easy to use tools to power a live chat environment live on your website, but the real issue many companies face is the resourcing of keeping it live and having people actually run and operating it so that annoying "We're offline" message hardly ever appears.

However if you ask anyone who actually took the time to set up a proper live chat strategy, they'll most likely tell you, that it was one of the best marketing decisions they ever made, and the simple reason is because it works really well and adds that extra layer of connectivity and engagement that shoppers are used to receiving offline and are not expecting it more and more online.

On this webinar, I caught up with Michiel Gaasterland who runs marketing for an awesome customer service platform called ROBIN to help breakdown the process of getting started.



Some of the main topics we cover include:

- An overview of the benefits of live chat and how it can help your business.

- Understanding the different between transaction and relational conversations.

- How to spot relational shoppers and how to start a meaningful dialogue with them.

- A 5 Stage Roadmap To Success With Live Chat

- Some suggestions on getting started slowly without having jump in head first.

Getting Started With Live Chat Presentation Slides

My suggestion - watch this presentation because it should not only help you overcome your concerns or objections to the importance of having live chat, but more importantly I think Michiel did a great job and showing how easy it is to get off the "live chat fence" and start actually using it effectively in your business.

Finally, As mentioned in the Webinar, you can find more in-depth insights in ROBIN’s Definitive Guide To Customer Service For Online Stores.

Feel free to comment below with your eCommerce live chat experiences.


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