eCommerce Lead Generation: The Fastest Way To Grow Your Newsletter Email List

Everyone wants to grow their email list right? For most of us, it's simple math. A bigger list results in greater sales.

Granted, the way you build and acquire your list will reflect the success and conversion rates of your newsletter campaigns, however assuming that the lead quality is kosher, your business could be ready for scale.

However, having said that, eCommerce lead generation is not such a simple exercise. There are tons of sharks and greasy salesmen out there waiting to sell you a dud list for thousands of dollars. In fact, there are probably more Tinmen out there wheeling and dealing leads than there are legit people and companies who can really help grow your eCommerce lead generation strategy.

Given all the doubt most eCommerce business owners have with this part of their marketing mix, I decided to catch up with Sam Roberts, Director of West Coast for ROKT, to discuss their referral marketing tools along with some general best practices and tips when considering buying leads yourself.New call-to-action

Important Note: As you watch this interview, it may help to view the screen shots provided below of the way ROKT actually works so you can understand the conversation in context. I'd also like to add that I decided to interview someone from ROKT specifically because I've used them before and they really are pioneers in the referral marketing space.  

eCommerce Lead Generation Overview

Conversation Highlights: Blow By Blow

1:26 min - A brief overview of what eCommerce lead generation is all about

6:40 min - How to cash in on your thankyou page and earn some extra bucks with ROKT's tools

9:30 min - An overview of eCommerce referral marketing and how it works

11.30 min - The eCommerce lead generation food chain and types of leads

15.30 min - Spotting the fakes and which networks to stay away from

18.15 min - Measuring the success of a lead generation campaign

24.40 min - How to onboard and nurture your leads after you've acquired them

How The ROKT Thank You Page Widget Works

This is a real example of the ROKT tool sitting on a websites thankyou page.

Step 1: Customer completes purchase and arrives at the thankyou page.


Step 2: After about 3 seconds, the ROKT widget pops up over the page with a special deal related to the site you're on.



Step 3: After you fill out your details. ROKT then ask you if you'd like to participate in complimentary offers that are possibly related to you based on the information you entered on the screen before.



The whole process happens seamlessly so the customer doesn't leave your thank you page either.

Best part about it is that you can either buy leads through the ROKT widget sitting on other thank you pages to help grow your eCommerce lead generation strategy or you can just leave the widget on your thankyou page and collect revenue for every additional offer the customer decides to participate in.

Pretty cool stuff!!

The Final Word

Yes, eCommerce lead generation is no simple exercise. if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. However at this late stage of the post, it's probably interesting to note that practically every single major online eCommerce store actively work with networks like ROKT to help grow and nurture their email list and not just because they can afford to. Hitting scale and maintaing scale is virtually impossible to achieve without these forms of lead acquisition.

Sure you can leverage the current traffic already on your site but again, it won't help you hit scale. This particular form of eCommerce lead generation requires work, focus, attention and the balls to possibly get it wrong. However, the territory I covered with Sam on this call are the main sticking points and considerations when addressing the goal of increasing your newsletter list. 


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