5 of the Most Innovative eCommerce Email Campaigns of 2020

ecommerce email campaignsDo you wish there was a faster way to improve your eCommerce email campaigns?

Well, if you follow the advice of high-performing brands, it's possible. You see, while there'll always be differences in niches and audience size, email marketing experts understand how to deliver results.

That's why studying email marketing campaigns that produce positive results is worth your time. And if you study the campaigns on this list, you're sure to see improvements in your strategy.

5 eCommerce Email Campaigns to Awaken Your Muse

Once you've found an email design that works, it's easy to template, then rinse and repeat for future campaigns. Often, the hardest part of eCommerce email marketing is coming up with a great concept you can refine.

But, if you can study what's worked for others, there's a good chance you'll find some bits you can incorporate into your campaigns. From there, it comes down to executing in a way that best engages your audience.

That's part of our specialty as a "Done for You" eCommerce email marketing company. We've mastered high-converting trigger-based email campaigns which drive big revenue increases for our clients. But, for those of you who would rather DIY, we've put together some example campaigns from which you can draw inspiration.

With each email on this list, we'll point out what you can use for your own campaign and why they're so useful.New call-to-action

1. One Kings Lane


One Kings Lane provides a crisp and clear style for this email. The visual is eye-catching and shows their products in use. This type of imagery is great for getting customers to visualize owning the products for themselves.

What makes this email more worthwhile is the value in the content they provide. The image is linked to an article they'd written for their blog. Presenting information in this manner shows that you're not always trying to sell items to them. Sometimes, you just want to provide the content they need to make a more informed decision.

Additionally, the company is repurposing content. Repurposing involves taking one piece of content and turning it into multiple assets. This content started out as a blog post and has been repurposed in an email. It could also be used in a social media post. Quotes or images from within the article could be used or shared in a range of ways, getting you more mileage from your content.

What's important to realize is that by repurposing content, you'll never have a lack of material to provide your audience. So while other companies resort to sending product after product, you can provide value and build brand loyalty by showing you want to offer more than just stuff to buy.

2. 22Days


This is another eye-catching email, but this time from 22Days.

The company is able to keep a consistent theme throughout the email while including imagery for multiple products. While many view that as a way to expose customers to your lineup, it's also a fantastic way to segment your audience.

When someone clicks on a CTA, you can place them into a certain group that shows they prefer that product. The more actions they take on your site, the more refined their group placement can be. This grants you the ability to deliver highly relevant content that speaks to them on a more personal level.

Also in this email is a great use of calls to action. While CTAs should stand out, they should also be limited to have the most effect. 22Days lines up three.

By maintaining the color scheme for each product, they clearly separate them rather than using matching CTAs for each. This gives the reader the experience of "shopping" within the email.New call-to-action

3. Beardbrand


This email from Beardbrand is significantly different than others on the list, and that's the exact reason it made it.

This email is considered a pattern interrupt. With so many eCommerce companies investing in visually engaging email designs, customers have come to expect a certain look from what hits their inbox. When an email like this comes through, it appears far more personal than the rest, causing them to stop and read it.

The pattern interrupt can be extremely useful in your campaigns, but it needs to be used sparingly. Otherwise, it becomes another pattern.

Another effective strategy Beardbrand uses in this email is the sender's title. This letter is from the CEO. When you couple it with plain text, this email appears more genuine and makes the reader feel appreciated.

4. Brooklinen


Brooklinen released this simple email to great effect. While the text and CTA stand out, it doesn't rely on imagery or other media. Instead, the minimalist design makes the CTA button more prominent, increasing the likelihood that readers will click it.

This is a cart abandonment email. The idea is that Brooklinen will release the items in the cart if the customer doesn't take action. Since they were already considering the products, free shipping may be enough to get them to finish the purchase.

Further, though, the company knows when people take an action to earn a reward, they feel more satisfied. While clicking a CTA isn't a difficult task, the act is enough for users to feel as though they accomplished something, enticing them to complete their purchase.

5. Bombas


Similar to the previous email, Bombas gives customers a way to earn something free by taking a simple action. Unlike the previous email, this referral program can exponentially increase profits for the company.

A lot of people are uncomfortable with referral programs because they don't want people to think they're only recommending a brand so they can get a gift. Here, because the referred friend also gets a discount, the customer can feel more comfortable with their recommendation, leading to more referrals for Bombas.

Building Innovative eCommerce Email Campaigns

Creating your own campaigns that blow away your audience doesn't need to be difficult. Simple techniques like the ones seen above can go a long way in increasing your click-through rates. But, if you want to approach your eCommerce email marketing with more confidence, consider hiring a company that specializes in eCommerce email marketing.

At SmartMail, we create eCommerce email campaigns that deliver impressive results for our clients. In fact, it's common for our clients to see a 29x ROI while working with us.

And if you want to see similar results, request a consultation to get started. We'll look at what we think it'll take to maximize opportunities with your brand, and provide you with "Done For You" campaigns that capitalize on them.


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