PadiAct: How To Rapidly Increase Your Email Subscriber List - with Claudiu Murariu

Most people out there in eCommerce land usually think that to increase anything in their business they need to spend more money. Increase traffic - buy CPC traffic. Increase stock levels - buy more product. Increase SEO rankings - pay an agency more money to make it happen.

Well guess what? Increasing your email subscriber list and starting to send more personalized emails to your subscribers doesn't necessarily need to be a huge money investment. However it might involve taking a risk and trying out a dreaded marketing strategy that many people may not like.... PopUps!

Why go out and pay for new leads when you can generate new email address's from the traffic you already have?

In this interview, I'm speaking with Claudiu Murariu, the founder and CEO of PadiAct, a very cool pop up tool that if used properly will not piss your customers off and will actually help deliver a greater user experience with your audience.

PadiAct: How To Rapidly Increase Your Email Subscriber List



Conversation Highlights: Blow By Blow

55 sec - What is PadiAct and the story behind it

3.57 min - Targeting and Messaging: The two secret ingredients to a successful pop up strategy (and not pissing people off)

4.56 min - Targeting best practices for your pop up campaigns

7.16 min - Using pop ups to target and leverage specific marketing campaigns

9.14 min - The not so obvious hidden benefits of using pop ups on your site

12.23 min - Pop up messages and which style works the best

19.00 min - Finding a starting point and which strategy works the best

21.40 min - Entry vs Exit pop ups - which work better and why?

29.00 min - Effective ways to use exit pop ups


The Biggest Benefit of Pop Ups and Why You Should Use Them



Video Transcript

Daniel: Like, the interesting thing about that as well is that, what you're actually doing is, you're actually leveraging what you've already paid for. Like, you've paid to get people to your site. And really, the thing about pop-ups is that you're not actually going out and spending more, it's just cashing in on what you've already invested in. And so when you talk about 40%, you're actually adding more value to your marketing spend as well by utilizing these tools, because it's another part of an acquisition, when you're actually buying media. So if you're not doing this on the backend of sending you know, buying paid search or paying for SEO or doing anything in that sort of sense, you're not fully leveraging your marketing spend.

Claudiu: Yeah, yeah, exactly. What I love about it, they say that forms are the way that a person creates a dialogue with the website. Because when it links, it's just the person saying what he wants. But with forms, it opens a channel that you can talk back to the person. So they say something to you, you say something back to them. And if you put an e-mail address there, you can take the dialogue for days, so it won't happen only now via form, it will happen later via an e-mail over a much longer period of time.
Claudiu: So, I really see PadiAct and pop-ups as a method to start a dialogue with your customers.

Daniel: 100%.

Claudiu: And that's crucial for running a profitable business. New call-to-action

The Secret Ingredients To A Successful Pop Up Campaign 



Video Transcript

Claudiu: And targeting, I always say that targeting is what makes people not go away from your website when they see the pop-up. While the message that you present in the pop-up is what makes them give you the email address, that's what comforts them. If we avoid targeting so if you don't do targeting and you just presented a pop-up when they enter the website, many of them won't even read the message because it just disturbs them. The message won't matter to them.
On the other hand if you do great targeting, but you just say, "subscribe to my newsletter" and that's it, without giving any benefits or telling people why it's good to subscribe, again the subscription rates won't be that high.

Daniel: Right. So it sounds like it's two prong. On the targeting side, what are some targeting rules that you're talking about specifically?

Claudiu: Sure. One of the targeting rules that is most used in our platform is based on the number of pages that people see. The thing is, I always give an example from the offline world when I talk about this. Let's say you have a brick and mortar shop somewhere in the mall and people enter your shop. Showing a pop-up to your visitors when they enter the website it would be exactly like a sales assistant jumping on the person that just stepped into the shop and asking them, "What do you want?" And you'll simply scare people away, they won't even want to know what your shop is selling any more. So presenting a message before the people get to know your shop, your offer won't work that well.

The Final Thought

Fellow eCommerce business owners, pop up tools like PadiAct really do work to help increase your email list. To really drive the point home, one of the first places I ever suggest starting on as a consultant is by using a tool like PadiAct to get a result quickly.

If there is one "low hanging fruit" opportunity I would put my money on to help make a difference in your eCommerce business in the next couple of days, it would be trying some of the strategies Claudiu discuss's in the interview and applying the concepts to your specific product category.

What is your opinion on pop ups for eCommerce sites?

Do you have any other strategies to leverage your on site traffic with tools other than PadiAct?

Share your comments below.


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