Practical eCommerce Content Marketing Insights - With Daniel Feiler from eBay

For better or worse, when most eCommerce companies look at their marketing budgets and decide where their money will go to drive more qualified traffic to their website, it's usually hard to beat paid search and SEO, followed by affiliates and email in the general pecking order.

So where does eCommerce content marketing fit in and is it even worth paying attention to?

Relying on any two or three channels to drive traffic to your site and build a business of the back off is always a risky long term approach. With Google changing their algorithms constantly and paid search prices inflating every couple of months,  slowly addressing an eCommerce content marketing strategy long time may not be such a bad idea.

In this interview with Daniel Feiler, Senior Director or Communications at eBay Asia Pacific, we discuss an array of eCommerce content marketing insights and tips to help open up your mind to the possibility that content marketing might just be the next strategy you should be eyeing out to help diversify your online marketing mix.

eCommerce Content Marketing Insights



The Conversation: Blow by Blow

2.05 min - The Evolution of Social Media and Content Marketing Over the past 10 Years

5.15 min - My eCommerce store has a blog - How do I distributed my content to more people?

7.50 min - The art of storytelling and it's crucial role in content creation

9.54 min - The key ingredient to great storytelling and content creation

13.20 min - How to best approach eCommerce content marketing

20.00 min - Utilizing social media for a deeper customer experienceNew call-to-action

eCommerce Content Marketing Highlights

The Secret To Content Distribution



Video Transcript:

Daniel Kohn: How do you get people to pick up a story? How do you get people to, like, how do you get your information distributed? To me that's like the really big challenge because I think there's probably a lot of how-to guys and how to write a press release and how to do all of these standard things that we know about but it's really getting it distributed and picked up across the wire, across all the different medias.

Daniel Feiler: I think first and foremost it comes down to the story you're going to tell. And I think this is the challenge that people have. A lot of the content that's being produced in new media and social media by, say companies or entrepreneurs or businesses. It's very very commercial. And I think that serves a purpose to some degree but arguably, people are on Facebook due to Pinterest, Twitter to some degree and the various other social media for engagement and so coming to people with a real hard sell through those kinds of channels might not necessarily be the best approach all the time and so I think the first challenge is to get the content right and that's not easy to do. It requires a lot of work.

The Golden Rule For Great eCommerce Content Marketing Creation



Video Transcript: 

Daniel Kohn: Like what are some interesting ways to build awareness and to run PR?

Daniel Feiler: Yeah look from a traditional media point of view, and this is for good and bad, the media first and foremost interested in conflict. You know they're not interested in stories where people say everything's great, everything's awesome, you know Joe is getting on with Dave really well.

Daniel Kohn: It's interesting right?

Daniel Feiler: And so you know I think if you're able to, if you're able to exploit that to some degree, or you know think about the fact that people are interested in conflict and tell a conflict story in a way that doesn't necessarily damage anybody, anybody's brand or reputation, especially your own you're on to a good thing. So you know there might be an industry trend which is topical for whatever reason that you can plug into. It could be that you're doing something you're doing different that is potentially going to change the industry landscape, which could cause problems for, you know, some established industries. So there are sort of angles you can look at like that that traditional media will get involved in. I think when it comes to social media conflict is also interesting to people, but I think it becomes... The game becomes a little bit different there. I think it becomes more about there is wider scope to do good story telling and it doesn't necessarily have to be conflict based.

Daniel Kohn: Right.

Daniel Feiler: So it, like I... It's not an exact science.

Daniel Kohn: Right.

Daniel Feiler: It does require a lot of creativity, but conflict, and then I think on top of that ultimately human interest. I mean if, if your story is connected to people, and something that a person, you know something that someone did that is, has taken a human element to it that is super important as well. 

The Final Word

One thing has become crystal clear and apparent from this interview with Daniel Feiler. You don't need to hire a media agency to promote your eCommerce business and you certainly don't need to get on television for people to pay attention to you. eCommerce content marketing is a matter of trial and error. There are so many social outlets to spread your brand message and story. The challenge now is to find some time and get down and dirty with it all.

They say that all beginnings are difficult, however it's for that very reason you can be sure that 90% of your competitors will most probably never embark down the eCommerce content marketing path. Which basically means that there is a nice pot of honey waiting for any eCommerce business who spends some time at creating great content and communication pieces for their customers.



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