Reviews of the 5 Best eCommerce Email Marketing Agencies


The right eCommerce email marketing agency can take your current investment and blow it up.

Many eCommerce company's skyrocket revenue after they find the right agency for their needs. In fact, it's the companies who hire the wrong email marketing agency (or none at all) that tend to struggle in the market. They have difficulty increasing their open and click-through rates because they're not working with a team that's optimized to drive results for their business.

It's not necessarily that the agency is incompetent. That agency just isn't the right fit for your eCommerce company. This is why it's vital to find an agency that understands what they're doing, and knows how to do it for your business.

This list is made of the top email agencies for eCommerce companies in the field, and one is bound to take your email marketing to the next level.

The 5 Top eCommerce Email Marketing Agencies for Awesome Results

When looking for an eCommerce email marketing agency, you can determine what type of company they serve best by checking out their case studies. If the agency works mainly with businesses like Ikea and Home Depot, you can safely assume they focus on enterprise-level companies. eCommerce companies have a different method of engaging consumers in email, and that difference would be noticeable if they worked with an agency that doesn't specialize in the industry.

Similarly, if an agency claims to provide the answer to all your marketing solutions like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, the odds are that they added email marketing as an offer just to make their business look more valuable. If you're looking for results in email marketing, you want a company that focuses specifically on the channel.

1. SmartMail


SmartMail is your ticket to Done For You (DFY) email marketing campaigns based on automated triggers. This means, without you lifting a finger, we can deliver emails through any stage of the customer's lifecycle at the precise moment it's most effective for that person.


We do this through emails like a welcome series, customer retention, product replenishment, cart abandonment, and win-back campaigns. By strategizing and delivering these emails, we can ensure no potential sales slip through the cracks, and your audience is happily engaged.

Another piece of criteria that should affect your agency decision is how transparent the pricing is. A lot of agencies that hide their pricing do so as a way to charge what they think they can get from you. Comparatively, companies like SmartMail make it clear: full-service campaigns and management starts at $500/month and includes setting up and implementing a handful of these automated campaigns.

While there are plenty of companies that can deliver results, it's important to note that not all metrics are created equal. Some are far more valuable than others.


It's one of the reasons we at SmartMail ensure we're focusing on the right metrics for the brands we work with. We're not just increasing open rates, we're increasing revenue, and we're doing it through well-crafted, automated emails. That focus leads to an averaged 29x in ROI for our clients.

We pay attention to which emails resonate with your audience, and then double down on the execution. If you want to learn more about how we approach email marketing and bring eCommerce companies massive results, schedule a consultation. New call-to-action

2. eFocus Marketing


eFocus Marketing is an agency that will develop your email marketing strategy so they can provide full-service campaign management for your company. They focus on optimizing, automating, and growing your email marketing program.

If you're interested in improving your personal email marketing chops, eFocus Marketing provides training courses on the subject. A course is a great way to see the agency's level of expertise. It also positions you to judge better the work produced by the agencies you may hire.

eFocus Marketing specializes in eCommerce, so the work they do is often matched to relatable experience. And, if you don't need an agency now, eFocus Marketing also offers audits or can serve in a consultancy role. This could get your email marketing on the right track without you needing to pay for the full creation of your campaigns.

Pricing is unavailable on the agency's website, so you'll need to contact them to get the rates.

3. Chronos Agency


Chronos Agency delivers "end-to-end" email marketing solutions. This includes the strategy, copywriting, email design, and technical implementation of your campaigns. They'll also handle the back-end integrations and system configuration to get your email campaigns working correctly.

While Chronos Agency has a decent track record, they manage clients in a wide range of industries and not specifically eCommerce.

The agency offers three packages: Done For You, Done With You, and Do It Yourself. Unfortunately, there's no pricing info available on their site.

4. Inbox Army


Inbox Army provides full-service email marketing, from strategy to development to execution. If you're looking for the DFY approach, Inbox Army can manage your entire campaign. But, if you're looking for a DIY option, you can also purchase templates, so you can create your own content.

Inbox Army can conduct audits of your current email marketing strategy and specific campaigns. It's important to note that only around 15% of the agency's clients work in eCommerce. Although they're more than capable of delivering quality emails, you may want to find an agency that focuses more completely on eCommerce.

Pricing starts at $450 for a template that's designed and coded. Audits begin at $500, and their full-service production and deployment start at $600. You'll have to contact the agency for more information on specific pricing and contract lengths.

5. Fuel Made


Fuel Made is an agency that works primarily with Shopify Plus. While they do create emails, it's important to note Fuel Made specializes in creating eCommerce websites.

If you're interested in working with Fuel Made, but on a different eCommerce platform, like Magento, the agency will help you migrate your store to Shopify. If you were considering a switch, this benefits you by getting your store up and running faster, but it also positions Fuel Made to support your marketing needs better.

Fuel Made works exclusively with Klaviyo as a professional partner, meaning you're restricted to using Klaviyo as your email marketing platform, even if you'd prefer one that costs less or has different features.

For pricing, you'll need to contact the company as the information isn't readily available on their website.

Finding the eCommerce Email Marketing Agency You Need

There are a lot of eCommerce agencies to consider, and while price matters, remember to find the agency that can best deliver what you need now. This can take some searching if you're not sure what you need.

If you want a second set of eyes on your email marketing campaigns, schedule a consultation. We'll help you see where you're succeeding and where you could use some improvement in your email marketing. And, even if you don't go with us, we'll show you where the opportunities in your campaigns lie.


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