Secrets to eCommerce Video SEO Success

It’s one thing to put all your effort into creating video content for your eCommerce site, however getting it distributed and viewed by as many people as possible who are actually looking for your products is a whole other ball game.

In this webinar we are joined by world renowned eCommerce SEO magician Stephan Spencer to discuss how to harness YouTube and get your videos pushed further up the pecking order in their search results.

Stephan is a Senior Contributor on and and has a monthly column on Search Engine Land. He is also a published author of Google Power Search and Co-Author of The Art Of SEO.

eCommerce Video SEO Webinar



eCommerce Video SEO Presentation

New call-to-actionKey Highlights: What You'll Learn

5.00 min - Keyword research and a handful of free research tools to use.

13.00 min - The key elements to make your video content go viral.

15.00 min - 6 viral video case studies to learn from and apply to your eCommerce business.

25.00 min - A complete step by step guide on using YouTube for maximum visibility and exposure.

40.00 min - 5 ways to get your content distributed beyond YouTube.

The Final Word

Given the competitiveness of every product category you may be selling in, it's safe to assume that hedging your entire traffic funnel on paid search alone or any other single source of traffic is a risky game.

Coupled with the fact that Online shoppers are coming to expect more video content from their shopping experience and that YouTube is in fact the second largest search engine in the world, eCommerce video SEO should definitely be something that is flagged at your next marketing meeting when the question of how to find more targeted traffic comes up.


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