5 Ways To Leverage Transaction Emails To Upsell Customers

By now, everyone is pretty aware that emailing your list is usually the highest converting marketing channel when compared to SEO, paid search, affiliates etc. And there is usually a very big emphasis on list growth and sending more newsletter emails.

However have you ever stopped to consider how you could leverage your transaction emails? For example - the automated emails that get sent out when an order is placed, or when the product was dispatched or shipped.

Administrational type emails….

In this webinar we’re joined by Chris Hexton, founder and CEO of a very cool platform called Vero, to outline 5 ways to leverage your transaction emails to generate even more sales from people that just bought.

Upselling Customers Through Transaction Emails


Transaction Emails To Upsell Customers Presentation

Key Transactional Email Takeaways:

It's probably safe to assume that soaking up these 5 examples and trying to get all the ideas mentioned up and live in the next week or two is highly unlikely. However, the real goal of this webinar is to firstly open your head up to the possibilities and the opportunities that lie in leveraging transaction emails, but also to create a starting point. and do something about it.

We covered a bunch of strategies you could look at and address as a starting point and how to progress from there to actualise what Chris shares with us.

The goal right now with this information is to soak up the information, map out a basic plan and start layering in some of the elements discussed in the video that in three months time your transaction emails start appearing in your analytics accounts and revenue drivers as opposed to boring one way communication pieces.

Feel free to share below what your experiences have been with transaction emails? What strategies have you used that work? Do you use any particular tools other than Vero to make it all happen?


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