How Can a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency Help You to Increase Monthly Revenue?

solen-feyissa-LBNJi8qHIbA-unsplash-2Are you in need of email help?

Perhaps you’ve found that, while you have an email list, you’re so busy that tending to email is inconsistent and difficult for you. Or, maybe you don’t have the expertise to pull off successful email campaigns. For others, perhaps it’s getting started in the first place, from list growth to newsletter and promotion campaigns.

If any of these descriptions sound like you, then the answer to our opening question is probably a yes. 

A full-service email marketing agency just might be the solution to help you optimize your email strategy. Just as it sounds, a full-service agency can take care of every step of the process, allowing you to realize results from email. While the specifics may vary depending on the agency, they’ll generally help you with everything from growing an email list to campaign creation, analysis, and strategy.

As is the goal for most businesses, this can all lead to more customers and more revenue.   

Benefits of a Full-Service Marketing Agency

What do you have to gain from hiring a full-service marketing agency? Hopefully, considerable growth and progress toward your business goals! Here’s how an agency can help you to attract more customers:

They Live and Breathe Email Marketing

This first point is critical and is a point in favor when screening for agencies that truly do specialize in email. They live and breathe email marketing. It’s what drives them and puts food on their tables, so they are up with current strategies and know when to move on from an old one.

You can find plenty of information about email marketing, but it’s much more expedient to go to an agency that already knows. Getting started will be faster, and you’ll begin to net new customers faster than if you had to find the time to work through strategies.

Besides that, far too many businesses are still doing the email marketing of 2012, when they should have updated for the following decade. A good full-service agency will be upfront with you and let you know if anything you’re doing is outdated. They know what to send, when, how, and why.

Full-service email marketing agencyThey Have Time to be Proactive

If your business was all about sending out emails, you’d have the time available to take a proactive approach. You’d be examining trends, analyzing campaign data, and looking to the wider industry or economy to determine how to get ahead. In short, you’d have the level of information required to make new campaign decisions. 

A major challenge for many businesses is that they simply don’t have that time. Email is one task among a long list of must-dos; if you don’t have the resources available, it’s often pushed down the list.

Why is a proactive approach to email critical? Because the landscape can shift rapidly. Those who are in front will often have an advantage. Think back across the Covid pandemic and recall those “our Covid policy” emails that so many companies started sending out. Some of those were quite notably months behind, while others quickly reassured an uncertain public. 

They Know How to Write Enticing Copy

An impactful email doesn’t happen accidentally. It involves the ability to craft words so that they entice the reader to take your desired action.

If you lack copywriting expertise within your business, you’re already at a disadvantage compared to those who are better with words. It’s okay; effective copywriting is part talent, but it’s also a heaping portion of practice. If you don’t have the time or inclination to practice wordsmithery, you’ll get much better results more quickly if you turn to someone who does.

Some key traits of enticing email copy that a seasoned writer understands better than most:

  • They know that an unexpected perspective is sometimes the most impactful, and they know how to present one.
  • They know that a good story will grip almost anyone and what it takes to write one.
  • They know how to connect directly with people and evoke the desired emotion.
  • They know how to write to break down those complex concepts.
  • They know how to craft a lead that lures people in.

With the average person receiving over 100 emails daily, businesses need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. That’s exactly where a copywriter from an email marketing agency can help.

They Can Help You to Grow Your List

Successful email marketing strategy always begins with having an email list. With average email open rates of around 16.97%, list growth should be a priority so that your business can reach significant numbers of people.

The problem for many companies is often, again, time and expertise. Maybe you’ve got an old sign-up form on your website that you put up a few years ago but haven’t done anything with it since. If you have no current mechanism for constantly enabling list growth, you need to get that going!

Full-service email marketing agencies know how to optimize for list growth. They can help you strategize and then put that strategy in place. It’s an essential task for attracting more customers to your business.

They’re Creative (So You Don’t Have to Be)

Everyone can be creative, but sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth. This scenario is where an email marketing agency can step into the breach. You can use their creative expertise to develop new campaigns, freeing you up for other vital tasks.

If you’re on the fence about whether a full-service agency will be worth the investment, look at how long it might take you or your team members to devise new campaigns, write the copy, and set them up. For many businesses, the creative process can be the biggest roadblock. By completion, your team may have spent days developing a campaign. You need to look at how much that costs in terms of other opportunities.

On the other hand, when you pay an agency, you can expect that effective campaigns get crafted more quickly than you could have managed. It’s about focusing on what you’re good at and passing off the rest.

Full-service email marketing agency

They Will Be Consistent

Consistency is where many companies fail with email. It’s well-documented that a company should send emails regularly to see results. When you’re inconsistent, you’ll run into issues such as:

  • Missed revenue opportunities. Customers may have already bought elsewhere because they didn’t get a prompt from you.
  • Higher unsubscribe rates. People forget who you are because they hear from you so infrequently, so they unsubscribe.
  • Lack of brand visibility.
  • Lower customer lifetime value.
  • Disengaged email lists.

A full-service email marketing agency will work with you to establish a consistent schedule of emails. This schedule helps you to stay “present” and relevant, leading to more sales opportunities.


If your email strategy has been inconsistent or ineffective, or you just don’t have time anymore, a full-service email marketing agency can be the answer to driving results. 

For companies that go through the process of working with a great agency, you should see an ROI for your investment. Signing your emails over to the experts pays off, and you’ll have more time to do what you know.


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